All you need to Know about Pocket Knives


All the way through the history of America, men have been using their trusty pocket knives, and a decent pocket knife was as indispensable as a wallet or keys to many men. Nevertheless, in recent years this is one tradition that has been on the wane, and nowadays, a lot of men are not familiar with how to choose a really good pocket knife. In this article, we will make a quick rundown of the different types of pocket knife, what they are used for, as well as the type of people that make use of them.

Pocket Knife Construction

There are many different types of pocket knife available at the moment, and they are designed for different uses. From the simple pen knife to a multi-purpose Swiss army knife, there are plenty of pocket knives to choose from. As well as many different designs, there are also a number of different materials used in the construction of pocket knives.

pocket knives quality control

Pocket knives going through quality control before being packed.

Pocket knife blades can differ dramatically, and if you have ever wondered why two similar looking pocket knives can have vastly contrasting price tags, it is probably due to the metal used in their construction.

The better the blade, the better the knife, and if you want a knife to last you a long time, then blades made from carbon steel are a good choice, as are blades made from stainless steel. Handles are commonly made from rubber, wood or plastic. Rubber is often the best as it will help the user to maintain a good solid grip whilst using the knife. If you have chosen a folding pocket knife, then there are also a number of different ways to lock the blade in place. Some of the most popular locking mechanisms include liner lock, automatic, lock-back and mono lock.

Uses for Pocket Knives and the People that Use them

There are many uses for pocket knives, from the mundane opening of letters or parcels, to camping, hunting and fishing. Camping without some form of pocket knife is not a good idea as there are many different uses for a pocket knife, from striping down branches for kindling, to helping you to prepare your food, a pocket knife is an essential piece of equipment for a camper. Fisherman should also never be without a pocket knife as such a knife can help them to remove hooks and cut fishing line.

In the following posts we will go into dept about materials and the types of pocket knives available.